Glasgow Troon

Life goals

April 27, 2015


  • Get up 6 – drink my first cup of coffee while watching the news
  • Prepare my lunch at 7 followed by make-up
  • Eat half my lunch for breakfast and leave the house around 7.40
  • Work at E-tek from 8 – 16
  • Going straight to the yard where I muck out, fill haynets, prepare his food, ride and snuggle
  • Going home around 19 where dinner is served
  • Working freelance for around two hours
  • Trying to find motivation and pictures to create a blog post
  • Finish it all off with a personal project where I have no clue if its going to work
  • Shower, brush my teeth and go to bed.



  • Wake up before 6 without any alarm
  • Drink coffee while watching the breakfast show
  • Start working on my laptop in the launch (weekend treat)
  • Going to the yard soon enough to take part of any event
  • Make Rebel look awesome
  • Compete
  • Think about how we did and how we can improve
  • Muck out, fill haynets, prepare his food and snuggle
  • Waste half of my day speaking to Rachael or any other human being at the yard
  • Regret wasting that time because I should help out with the house
  • Go home, tell Howie I’ sorry and ask him to eat out
  • He sais yes
  • I take a shower and spend literally 4 minutes putting make-up on in the car
  • I plan to drink alkohol but I´m too tired so I´ll drive instead
  • Go home, brush me teeth and go to bed
  • Thinking about what a terrible blogger, girlfriend and friend I am and promise myself tomorrow will be different.





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