Life with Rebel

Alnwick Ford Event

September 24, 2018

It was so exciting (and so sad )to finish our last event for the season. We have been fortunate with a lot of runs, since the weather has been dry. We decided to finish on a high and traveled all the way to Northumberland on Friday after work. We arrived at the barn very late, and tucked the horses in for the night. With their pyjamas on, and hay and dinner on the menu, they were both happy and settled for the night. Vicky, super groom Leah and myself checked in to a B&B, ordered two pizzas and passed out. We had to be well rested for the big day.

Vicky has moved up to Novice (approx 110 cm) while I´m still at 100 cm.

My aim was to move up a level this year but with a never improving dressage, and always a pole down in the show jumping, I decided to wait.

I think we are both ready to tackle the cross country but eventing is more than just wooden obstacles. I want to move up when I know we are ready – which did not happen as soon as I hoped for.

I warmed up for 40 minutes before the dressage and was happy with Rebel. I have learned one very important thing about eventing (and competitions in general) and that is to NEVER look at other people warm up. It´s heart breaking as there are so many amazing riders there and I always think I look like a fud. Concentrate about myself and my horse – nothing else. During the test he still felt great, and semi relaxed. We did our second canter on the left rein and I was so pleased with how he was going, until I panicked, thinking I have been cantering for too long. I took him down to trot for a split second, only to realise I should still be cantering. Very expensive, and I was given a 5 for that canter. What an utter shame. The rest of the test was great until he cantered in a corner while I was meant to trot and I was given another 5.

Apart from those two mistakes we got 3 seven´s on in our test, with some nice comments on the sheet and a total score of 67% – giving us 37 penalties. I have not been under 40 since last year so was over the moon with that result.

We jumped a lovely clear round in both the show jumping and in the cross country. With no faults to be added we finished on our dressage score of 37 and climbed up the leader board. It was a very successful day for both me and Vicky. Now we just have to get over this winter depressions before it even start, and work even harder over the winter for a better result next year. Who knows, maybe I will do a novice class next year?

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