Life with Rebel

An evening at the yard

September 7, 2018

Kayleigh was riding Jordan yesterday and although I was so tempted to give Rebel a day off, I was persuaded into thinking riding was a good idea. I’ve been doing flatwork for days now so agreed to ride in the field with her and Jordan. We wanted them to stretch their legs, while we chatted about important things in life – such as fitness. However, Mr. R had other plans… I honestly think that this horse is cross country damaged and everything grass related means full speed and jumps. Lord, he wanted to have fun that horse, and our relaxed little “hack” went out of the window. He was going sideways, snorting like a stallion and really ready to go. It wasn’t very safe so we took them back in the stable to calm him down. I have said this before, but if I ever was to sell that horse, I would have problems. He’s too much to handle for a beginner, and too small for an adult. Ideally he would suit a teenager, but I don’t think it would be easy to find the right match, hence why I don’t think I will ever sell him. Also, I love him to the bones and don’t think I could ever let him go, even though I want to pull out my teeth now and then.

Look at our glamourous lifestyle here at Castleview. The downside with having this massive field has to be the poo-picking. To make it more interesting we have a competition on to see who can collect the most, and I think I may be in the lead with the most barrow loads! All for a chance of winning a bottle of wine :p

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