Beautiful October

October 14, 2018

Autumn is my favourite season, October my favorite month. When the weather is dry and the sun is shining the colours are mesmerizing. Colchester had the most beautiful morning today and we took these photos before 8 O´Clock. I absolutely love photography in lights like today.

We are now waiting for our flight home to Scotland after stopping in London for a visit to Hannah and Richards flat. It reminded me so much of flats in Oslo, with White walls, wooden floors and very tasteful furniture. I was a little bit in heaven and got very inspired to buy even more colours for our house. But that may have to wait.. Honeymoon first, then we can shop interior.

I can´t wait to see Mumford and Rebel again but have been getting loads of photos sent while we were away. Rebel has been rolling in mud (head first) and Mumford got a second favourite mum. Tomorrow I´m back a work, for a new week with new plans. Howie is playing football this evening while I head to the yard for a catch up with Stephanie. She was away to Croatia the week before I left so we never crossed paths. I want to hear all about her holiday while snuggling with Rebel. He probably has not even noticed I was away – true love right there…

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