Life with Rebel

Castle View Stables

August 29, 2018

I want to show everyone where I spend x-amount of hours every single day: Castle View Stables ♥

Stephanie bought the house over a year ago, and it came with 5 acres of land and two sheds. One have turned into 4 large stables and the other shed is where we keep all the feed and some tack. We have so much space and the horses are out in the field from 8 in the morning until we bring them in to ride. They all love it here and the we think muddy horses equals happy horses. Although not always ideal when you need to clean them all the time but it´s so worth it.

She has also made a 35 x 45 arena where we can play. It´s such a treat to have such a great school to ride in and it wont freeze over in the winter, and new lights came up the other day. I think we are all set for colder and darker nights, although I wish the summer could last a lot longer.

We put a few jumps up this evening and it was so much fun. Rebel is getting more obedient to my legs, but sometimes he just wants to run very very fast – which was today. He is very difficult to ride as he does not stay in the same rhythm so seeing ´the stride´can be very difficult. But altogether a great session, both horse and rider was very happy.

I don´t compete until after Santorini, but thinking about joining British Showjumping over the winter. I need my fix and if it´s not eventing, it will be showjumping 😉

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