Life with Rebel

David Gatherer lesson

October 10, 2018

That’s just me back from my lesson with David, held at Thornhill in Stewarton. Nikki and I left the yard around 6.30 for a lesson at 7. Fair to say we ran out of time and it was a bumpy ride for the two ponies. They did not seem to bothered to be honest, as they have travelled miles together.

It was Nikki’s first lesson with David, while I have three just in October. It took me forever to find the instructor, and although I have a few close to my heart, David is the man. When I ride for him I just want to do dressage, as Rebel goes so beautiful and is so relaxed. I just need to make that happen at home, then at competitions. But one step at the time…

Today was no exception. Rebel was a star and he really is starting to work a bit harder for me. He’s relaxing is neck and jaw, letting me sit up properly. He feels so much more elastic and I can push him forward and take him back without his head coming up. David thinks he’s become more supple and steady now, so we have moved on to transitions. So homework has been given and I will hopefully have improved a little bit more for the next lesson Saturday 20th October 🙂

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