Life with Rebel

Floors Castle and my first BE90

May 12, 2017

This post, unlike the others, will be written in English. I don’t have access to my Norwegian keyboard and can’t be asked to copy and paste all the funky letters.

Good morning all! I have a new event this weekend – Floors Castle! Apparently it’s even posher than Dalkeith, (which was the nicest park I have ever been to), so to say I’m excited is an understatement. I am buzzing….. I packed most of my gear last night, and this morning when we took Rebel in from the field. He’s been living outside for over a week now and I hope that will take the edge off him for the dressage test. But I know from experience that horse can run on adrenalin so you never know. If he’s AS BAD tomorrow I’m half tempted to give him some calmer before the event, but I rather not, as he will compete in three disciplines and needs the oomph. Wish we did the Cross Country first to get rid of the steam, lol.

Vicky, Leah and Tommy (the horse) picked me and Rebel up from the yard and we are now heading south to beautiful Floors. Vicky will ride Mili tomorrow at 08.06 AM…. Which is early even for me. You need loads of time to plait, tack up, get your number, pay your entry and warm up before you can enter the ring… Then it runs quickly to the last discipline – XC. I am not in before 10.20 ( I think) so will help Vicky as much as I can in the morning.

I am doing my first 90cm, and those 10cm from 80 will feel like a meter. It’s the same level of dressage, and I feel confident enough in the jumping ring but very nervous for the cross country. I know some of the jumps will be well over a meter as they can raise them with brushes… I hope I can stay calm, positive and ride forward even when he gallops 100 mph…

Either way, it will be a really good weekend with the girls and its always an experience, – an important element for future events.


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