Life with Rebel

Giving British Showjumping a go

October 1, 2018

First things first – I wrote this post yesterday using my new phone, but the WordPress app didn’t save the post or any of the images. I got so annoyed and could not be asked to write it all again until late last night. I am hoping to write something every single day as the stats are going up slowly but steady… Imagine if I can get back to where I was when living in Glasgow – that was my prime blogging period. Before I had a horse and a dog and all that jazz…

Anyway, yesterday I decided to jump a class at Morris Equestrian Centre. It was BS Cat 1 on their schedule, so Stephanie and I left the yard around 10 in the morning. They were just about to walk the British Novice (90 cm) when we arrived so I decided to join them, entering my class while walking the course. Multitasking. We tacket him up in no time and I was ready to jump in less then 30 minutes. He was FANTASTIC warming up. So calm and relaxed, and took his time over the jumps.

However, the story change when we jump a full course of jumps. He is great the first 5 and then he just wants to run as fast as he can. I need to control myself not to take him back too much, as he just get stronger. It’

s such a fine line and I know he won’t stop but I need him relaxed as well. I’m hoping more jumping will solve this ‘problem’, although I absolutely adore his attitude. Rebel is happiest when jumping and people pay a lot of money for that.


This week we have nothing on the agenda. I will give myself a few minutes to look over the days and decide when we are doing what. A nice quiet week with lots of training and improvements.

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