August 22, 2018

What a weekend this was for us – just perfect from start to finish. You always hear how fast the time flies and all of a sudden it´s over? Well it was the same for us. Before I knew it we were all having an after party at the country house with half of the guests who could barely stand up. Apparently that´s what a free bar does to people, including me. I ended up being a guest at my own wedding, singing, dancing and laughing until the very end. I actually don´t remember everything after the dinner, but I woke up with a grey dress and glitter all over my face.

I will write about the whole day when the official photographs arrive, which could take 6 weeks. Georgina Harrison was absolutely brilliant, one of a kind, and travelled all the way from York for the day. We all loved her and I´m sure the photos will be great. Such a shame the sun never came out for us, but at least it didn´t rain the whole day.

Here is a link to her portfolio

We were 92 people for the day and I still don´t know how many we were in total in the evening. I had a few friends from the yard, who helped me with Rebel and Mumford during the day, who arrived for the evening party. Apart from them I manage to have every single person I wanted for the day – such a lucky girl.

My beautiful dress is from Emily at Unbridaled Boutique in Ayr. Flowers was made of Abbie at Paperwhite Floral Design in Troon, saxophonist was Marshali Scott and the band was incredible 4play.

My hairdresser is from Rootz in Stewarton had all hands on deck for my incredible hairdo, and makeup artist was Jay Mcloughlan

And last but not least – Hillhouse and catering by Alice. The service was outstanding ♥

When the photos arrive I will write it all down in detail from the start to finish. Hugs from Scotland

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