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I want to buy confidence on Ebay

September 28, 2015

Me and Rebel have had a few down weeks recently, after my “perfect” dismount at the warm up in the BS Derby. I went in the ring thinking the jumps where huge, and didn´t ask Rebel to jump what so ever. We had a stop at the first fence, rode horrific trough to number 6 where he also stopped and I was disqualified. It´s so unfair how long it takes to build up your confidence but it can be broken within minutes. So when I had a lesson to solve the problem it just got worse as I honestly did not wanted to jump. He stopped again and again and again. It was embarrassing and the instructor had to take the jumps down just for me. I felt like a knob so when Rebel stopped at a perfect stride, I got so frustrated I used my legs more than ever before. He went bonkers and bucket trough the whole arena while I looked like a bag of potatoes.
After that he flew over the fences and I forced myself to have a positive attitude. We finished off good, but was annoyed I let this happened.

So when I went in the ring on Saturday I just wanted to have fun. I praised him a lot during the warm up and was very pleased with only one pole down. In the cross country he jumped the bank, the hedge, the ditch and everything new. He stopped however at the Muirmill fence he´s jumped 100 times before. Such a great example how different I rode into different fences.

Debbie Rodwell, B.H.S.I.I. (reg’d) E.F.I. level 1 coach, is coming to Muirmill on Wednesday and I have booked a lesson. We´ve emailed a few times and she asked what level I was riding and what I wanted to work on. The fences will be of cross country type and I´m determined to have fun stay positive.

Here is a very short video from the Saturday jumping. I forgot to change the memory card before leaving so it run out after 40 seconds…. Well well, not doing that mistake again I can tell you.

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