Laurens´ Hen Do

September 2, 2018

Our beloved Lauren are getting married in Santorini in September, and yesterday was her hen do. We all took the train from Prestwick around midday, heading to Hummingbird in Glasgow for a Cocktail Masterclass.

The location was lovely and we had our own room with our own bartender. We made a few cocktails ourselves before we passed on the shakers to someone who knew what they were doing 🙂

We sat there for hours, playing games and getting to know new people who are going to the wedding. We later headed out to Wagamama for dinner and more beer, before we ended the night in the champagne bar at Glasgow Central.

It was a lovely night but we didn´t stay out very late. I woke up fairly early this morning and just getting my stuff together to head to the yard,  then out for lunch/dinner with the girls again tonight. But before all that we serious need to book our honeymoon…

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