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Lunch with my girls

August 27, 2018

We don´t often get together us girls, but when we do, we do fine dining. Or fine lunching in this case. Or just over average lunching. We went to Gro Coffee in Irvine, and I loved it. I have never been but would definitely go back. I ordered Eggs Royale and the salmon was top notch. Until I saw Lauren´s pancakes which looked soooo tasty. Jemma and I nearly finished it when Lauren was done – as you do when you´re eating out…

Times like this I wished I was living like the Kardashians – and not working Monday to Friday. I love my job, don´t get me wrong but I would love to eat out all the time, and spend more time with my friends. But again, what would I do when I get bored? Nah, I do like my routine, but this Monday just came a tad too quickly…