My wishlist right now

October 11, 2018

I know I know. I have a horse, a dog, a lovely house in Troon, a very handsome and kind husband and a great job. What more can a girl want? Well, this… Highest on the list is the Fairfax saddle, but that will not happen until 2020 at least. At some point, I would need a dressage saddle and there are so many nice saddles out there for a quarter of the price. However, I’m done buying and selling saddles on eBay… They NEVER fit so I will look into getting one fitted. But not for a while anyway…

I also would love to fill my house with weird furniture and green plants. I feel we have managed to incorporate all the furniture we have so far and can be a little bit bolder next time. Our bedrooms are lacking something extra… A velvet chair would be perfect.

When it comes to our kitchen – Howie has honestly broken both our blender and juicer. A new blender has been bought but now I really want a new juicer. I miss making my juice in the morning, it makes me feel so much more awake and healthy.

Other horse related items are a PS of Sweden bridle. That’s been on my list for 3 years now but I find it very difficult to buy a bridle for over £250, and would rather use the money towards the dressage saddle. We also desperately need soft poles for the yard. We jump a lot of grids and are currently using plastic poles, but I’m always conscious they canter on top of the poles or lands on them. Not good.

But again, I don’t need any of these items. And if I had all of these I would make a new list with ever more stuff…

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