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New House pt. 2

April 12, 2015

Jeg sitter i stuen og ser på regnet. Ingen andre er oppe enda, så jeg tar med tid til å blogge. The Shelleys kom onsdag kveld og har siden da jobbet morgen og kveld for å fikse huset. De fikk nok litt sjokk over tilstanden og syns det var mye jobb. Det er vi jo klinkende klar over men jeg ser bittelitt framgang hele tiden. Tenkte derfor å vise dere bilder istedenfor å skrive.

Watching the rain falling down made me uplaoad all the progress photos I´ve taken recently. The Shelleys are here helping us out and I though it would be a great day to share some photos with you

×Inside nr 18×

_MG_9584 copy
Howie got a proper tool kit!

_MG_9598 copy
Peter thought our windows needed a proper clean. Whoopsie

_MG_9575 copy
Steamy launch. I don´t know whats worse. This or sanding down the floors

_MG_9572 copy

_MG_9531 copy
Mr. Old Man left us heaps of stuff ♥

_MG_9591 copy
And we keep adding

Jane visiting The Shellberg Cafe (tempted to create a logo for our business) and a provisional clothing rail for our (my) jackets.


×Outside nr 18×

_MG_9558 copy
Curtains needed……

_MG_9537 copy
Our little street : Charles Drive

_MG_9540 copy

Just decided this will be the dogs house


_MG_9555 copy
And of course our little garden. I love it more and more and more!

×Fish and Chip @ The Wee Hurry×
_MG_9608 copy

_MG_9613 copy

After hours of work we treated ourselfes to fish n´chip. We saw two seals but I onlt captured an ugly seagull. Ugh!

Enough chit chat. I got stuff to do 🙂 Hope you all have a wicked Sunday!

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