October Plans

October 3, 2018

Lauren and David’s wedding Avoid eating meat at home 3 Lessons with David Gatherer Read a book Date night with Frankie

Top of the list: Lauren and David´s wedding: I´m SO excited it´s ridiculous… I have bought a new dress from across the pond and have my fingers and toes crossed it gets here in time. We are flying down to Colchester after work next Thursday and can´t wait to spend some time with Howie´s family and friends. My aim is to last the whole night and to not be carried to bed at 10 o´clock….

Avoid eating meat at home: This one will be easy if I plan ahead and know what to have for dinner every night, and always have snack food available. Avoiding meat does not mean just eating carbs and cheese, but to to eat as much fresh food from nature as possible. Loads of fruit, vegetables, rice, spices, smoothies, soups, curries and so on. It will be great!

3 Lessons with David Gatherer: What was I thinking… being a better rider equals an empty wallet. But they are just too good to miss.

Read a book: Funny, but this will be the most difficult one. I can read non-stop on a holiday but there is just not enough time during the day in my normal routine. So I aim to read as much as possible on the not very long flight from Glasgow to Stansted…..

Date night with Frankie: The date and location is set – bring on Lido´s new menu 😀

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