Our Wedding Breakfast

September 28, 2018

After our photos were taken, we went into the marquee, where Marshali was playing the Saxophone. Her live performance was so good, we loved her choice of contemporary songs which she played the saxophone over the top of. It created such a good atmosphere for people to mingle and listen. Although she didn’t get the chance to play in the garden due to the weather, being inside gave it a more intimate feel.

Once we had got inside after taking our photos, Howie and I looked at each other at this point and said – see you at the table later. That made me giggle, and off he went to mingle with his friends and family and I finally got time to speak to mine. These few hours were really surreal for me and I can’t remember much from it. I tried to talk to as many people as possible and think I did a good job. It was nice that other people ‘grabbed’ me for a photo. I said before hand I wanted people to treat me as a guest, and not be too scared to talk to me. Thumbs up to all of you who pretended I was not a bride – thank you!

Our guests were supposed to be seated for 4pm. Howie and I were holding hands, all ready to be introduced as Mr and Mrs Shelley when we spot Jane (Howie’s mum) talking to someone far away from the top table, where she was meant to be seated. Howie tried calling out to her to go sit down but she was in her own world talking away. Andrea decided to take action and kindly asked the Mother of the Groom to sit down. Haha, that was hilarious when she realised she was the only one standing up talking at that point and she finally found her seat, and we could walk in.

We decided very early not to have many speeches, and not to give anyone options to say a few words. Some people may think this was weird, as Norwegian weddings usually have speeches running from before the starter and throughout the entire meal. Sometimes they don’t finish until 11 pm which we didn’t want. We did this for 3 very good reasons

1. We wanted everyone to enjoy their meal, including those who were holding a speech.

2. It was all in English and not everyone is fluent.

3. It was fair on everyone. No one felt they had to say ‘a few words’

Sarah was an unofficial ‘toast master’, who opened and closed the speeches. She introduced my brother Martin, followed by me, my maid of Honor Ida, Howie and his best men Nick and David. Sarah finished off by introducing a few Norwegian wedding rules/traditions.

1. If the bride leaves the table during the meal, all the women have to get up, go to the top table and kiss the groom on the cheek. And vice versa all the men get up and kiss the bride if the groom leaves the table for any reason.

2. If you ‘clink clink’ your wine glass the couple has to stand on their seats and kiss.

3. If you stamp your feet the couple has to hide under the table and kiss.

Fair to say we had to kiss a fair few times but it was just so funny. I think everyone enjoyed them selves and the atmosphere was very relaxed during the meal. Between the speeches and before the starter we had a few people playing cricket in the garden… That´s when you know it´s an English wedding apparently…

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