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Lauren and David´s wedding day

October 13, 2018

What a day, what a venue, what a couple. We really had the best time yesterday and I lasted the whole night out! Both the ceremony and the dinner were at Easton Grange Barn in Suffolk and the sun was shining. I teared up when Lauren walked down the aisle, but I was hulking at David´s speech. Touch down the best speech I have ever heard including an amazing poem and that from someone who is terrified of speaking in public.

We all mingled to lovely piano music while sipping Prosecco in the sunshine. David and Lauren were getting their photographs taken while the rest of us caught up. I can´t remember the last time I was in Colchester so it was so nice to see everyone again 🙂

The food and favours were great, and I was over the moon with my gingerbread and had to text Frankie straight away, as she always buys them for us when she´s in The Lake District. You haven’t had a proper gingerbread until you´ve had Grasmere Gingerbread. I was half tempted to steal them all but never got around to it.

I had such a great time and danced all night long and had some beers to go with it! Some of us stayed at the venue so I woke up with a very sore head but it was worth it. The full English breakfast was just what I needed and I feel today is going to be a proper eating-day. I can´t believe they are married now. Thank you so much Loz and Nez for an amazing day, and congratulation to both of you.


Wedding weekend

October 11, 2018

That’s us arrived at Glasgow airport for our 7.15 flight to Stansted. I finished work at 3 and managed to sort Rebel out before packing and leaving. This weeks has been so busy and I haven’t had the time to clean the house for Nikki and Callum. They are looking after Mumford for us while we are away and it would be nice to “hand over” a clean and tidy house. Howie did all that while I was working today so one less thing to worry about. He’s been working from 2 – 10 Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, meaning I have to drive home after work to Mumf, give him dinner, eat something quick and change into horse gear before heading to the yard. Not home until 9 o’clock most days, so this weekend away couldn’t be more perfect ❤️

I would like to find a new handbag for my outfit tomorrow, starting at Accessories. And want it velvet and I want burgundy.


My wishlist right now

October 11, 2018

I know I know. I have a horse, a dog, a lovely house in Troon, a very handsome and kind husband and a great job. What more can a girl want? Well, this… Highest on the list is the Fairfax saddle, but that will not happen until 2020 at least. At some point, I would need a dressage saddle and there are so many nice saddles out there for a quarter of the price. However, I’m done buying and selling saddles on eBay… They NEVER fit so I will look into getting one fitted. But not for a while anyway…

I also would love to fill my house with weird furniture and green plants. I feel we have managed to incorporate all the furniture we have so far and can be a little bit bolder next time. Our bedrooms are lacking something extra… A velvet chair would be perfect.

When it comes to our kitchen – Howie has honestly broken both our blender and juicer. A new blender has been bought but now I really want a new juicer. I miss making my juice in the morning, it makes me feel so much more awake and healthy.

Other horse related items are a PS of Sweden bridle. That’s been on my list for 3 years now but I find it very difficult to buy a bridle for over £250, and would rather use the money towards the dressage saddle. We also desperately need soft poles for the yard. We jump a lot of grids and are currently using plastic poles, but I’m always conscious they canter on top of the poles or lands on them. Not good.

But again, I don’t need any of these items. And if I had all of these I would make a new list with ever more stuff…

Life with Rebel

David Gatherer lesson

October 10, 2018

That’s just me back from my lesson with David, held at Thornhill in Stewarton. Nikki and I left the yard around 6.30 for a lesson at 7. Fair to say we ran out of time and it was a bumpy ride for the two ponies. They did not seem to bothered to be honest, as they have travelled miles together.

It was Nikki’s first lesson with David, while I have three just in October. It took me forever to find the instructor, and although I have a few close to my heart, David is the man. When I ride for him I just want to do dressage, as Rebel goes so beautiful and is so relaxed. I just need to make that happen at home, then at competitions. But one step at the time…

Today was no exception. Rebel was a star and he really is starting to work a bit harder for me. He’s relaxing is neck and jaw, letting me sit up properly. He feels so much more elastic and I can push him forward and take him back without his head coming up. David thinks he’s become more supple and steady now, so we have moved on to transitions. So homework has been given and I will hopefully have improved a little bit more for the next lesson Saturday 20th October 🙂


When life is just a tad too busy

October 10, 2018

Morning all – hope you’re all good and have lots of sunshine where ever you are. I have been so busy the last couple of days, and collapsed on the sofa every night. Saturday was non stop with new eyelashes at 9 in the morning, followed by changing tyres on my horse trailer at 11, to a lesson in Ayr at 2. I got home around 6 and made dinner, cleaned the house (I think) and walked Mumford. Then it was telly time followed by an early night. Sunday I was feeding the horses breakfast and was at the yard at 8. Since Stephanie is away on holiday we are all helping out with Mossi, so I sorted out two ponies that morning.

The weather was dreadful on Sunday, and the small unaffiliated competition we were meant to enter, got cancelled. As a friend of Gillian, who is stabled a few minutes away from Rebel, asked me to judge a showing class at their yard in the late evening. The kids were so excited about this and turned up in white jodhpurs and a tie. I was home for about 6 o’clock again and enjoyed doing nothing that evening. I seriously need to start designing our thank you cards, but that has to wait until next week… I have another lesson after work today then we are flying to Stansted tomorrow evening. I’m so excited for the wedding on Friday ♥


October Plans

October 3, 2018

Lauren and David’s wedding Avoid eating meat at home 3 Lessons with David Gatherer Read a book Date night with Frankie

Top of the list: Lauren and David´s wedding: I´m SO excited it´s ridiculous… I have bought a new dress from across the pond and have my fingers and toes crossed it gets here in time. We are flying down to Colchester after work next Thursday and can´t wait to spend some time with Howie´s family and friends. My aim is to last the whole night and to not be carried to bed at 10 o´clock….

Avoid eating meat at home: This one will be easy if I plan ahead and know what to have for dinner every night, and always have snack food available. Avoiding meat does not mean just eating carbs and cheese, but to to eat as much fresh food from nature as possible. Loads of fruit, vegetables, rice, spices, smoothies, soups, curries and so on. It will be great!

3 Lessons with David Gatherer: What was I thinking… being a better rider equals an empty wallet. But they are just too good to miss.

Read a book: Funny, but this will be the most difficult one. I can read non-stop on a holiday but there is just not enough time during the day in my normal routine. So I aim to read as much as possible on the not very long flight from Glasgow to Stansted…..

Date night with Frankie: The date and location is set – bring on Lido´s new menu 😀


And then there was a party

October 2, 2018

After dinner the band started playing at 8, and were planning on doing a Scottish Ceilidh at some point during the night. The evening guests started arriving and people slowly but steadily moved to the dance floor. And I think I will be lying if I said they left. The dance floor was full from start to finish and I have never seen anything like it. At one point the band played “All Sit Down” by James, and everyone did just that. We ALL sat down, including me in my wedding dress. Then Howie and I got forced by the lead singer to sing a song I had NEVER heard off. And gaaaad, that was the worst part of the night I think. I didn’t know the lyrics but knew perfectly well someone who did – Marit. I grabbed her by both hands, forcing her to help me out, which she did. That girl sang her heart out, and completely took the band by surprise because she was so good. Then Ola, her husband, got his keyboard back out and together I think we just created the best band ever. Marit sang for another 3 songs, and I remember thinking I will never forget this for as long as I am alive. It was amazing, so amazing in fact that Howie’s friends wanted to book her for their wedding in Colchester. That’s my girl ❤

Then Howie’s dad crowd surfed, people had to get sent home and we had an after party at the house. It was a morning, a day and a night I will never forget ❤


Life with Rebel

Giving British Showjumping a go

October 1, 2018

First things first – I wrote this post yesterday using my new phone, but the WordPress app didn’t save the post or any of the images. I got so annoyed and could not be asked to write it all again until late last night. I am hoping to write something every single day as the stats are going up slowly but steady… Imagine if I can get back to where I was when living in Glasgow – that was my prime blogging period. Before I had a horse and a dog and all that jazz…

Anyway, yesterday I decided to jump a class at Morris Equestrian Centre. It was BS Cat 1 on their schedule, so Stephanie and I left the yard around 10 in the morning. They were just about to walk the British Novice (90 cm) when we arrived so I decided to join them, entering my class while walking the course. Multitasking. We tacket him up in no time and I was ready to jump in less then 30 minutes. He was FANTASTIC warming up. So calm and relaxed, and took his time over the jumps.

However, the story change when we jump a full course of jumps. He is great the first 5 and then he just wants to run as fast as he can. I need to control myself not to take him back too much, as he just get stronger. It’

s such a fine line and I know he won’t stop but I need him relaxed as well. I’m hoping more jumping will solve this ‘problem’, although I absolutely adore his attitude. Rebel is happiest when jumping and people pay a lot of money for that.


This week we have nothing on the agenda. I will give myself a few minutes to look over the days and decide when we are doing what. A nice quiet week with lots of training and improvements.

Life with Rebel

Troon beach at sunset

September 29, 2018


I love living in Troon on days like these. The sun is shining, it’s a little cold but so beautiful. We took both pets to the beach a few days ago and got some great photos. Howie is really getting the hang of the camera which makes blogging ten times more fun. As long as I have good photos (and a few minutes to spare) I can always keep you updated. I really enjoy writing and sharing my life and photos so blogging is kind of an easy fix for me.

I had the best news yesterday. The vet came out to Rebel to check if he needed more steroids for his arthritis. She didn’t think it was necessary at the moment which was the best news ever!! That´s us nearly a year without any treatments and the longer we wait the better it is! If someone told me this last year I would never believed it – it all looked so bad. To the point where we didn’t know if he could ever come back to work. And here we are: A sound horse and a happy owner.