Our ceremony

September 6, 2018

I wonder how many blog posts this wedding will cover… It would be way too long if I wrote one single post, so I hope you all can bear with me.

After I rode down the gravel path I jumped off and landed on both feet. I honestly think this was the scariest part of the whole day and I was so so happy when nothing went wrong. Andrea looked at me with pride and said – well done. I walked in to the marquee entrance and up the aisle where everyone was waiting. Looking back I wish I’d walked a bit slower, but I was on my own and had already ridden down, so I felt people had been waiting forever. I remember I didn’t look left or right to see any faces, just forward straight at Howie. When I was up with him I was relieved, happy and nervous. I wanted to turn around and wave at all my guests and say hello. It was strange as there were people there who I hadn´t seen for months.

There were never differences or arguments about our ceremony. We both wanted it non-religious, with the focus on the two of us as a couple. Nothing less, nothing more, which was exactly what we achieved. Our lovely celebrant Maggie was talking about love, our journey together, time apart and how we ended up where we are today. We had written down our journey together, which I believe made people laugh and cry.

One of my very good friends from Norway, Marit and her husband Ola, kindly agreed to perform during the ceremony. She chose the song, “Make You Feel My Love”, by Adele, but sang it half in English and half in Norwegian. I can cry just thinking about it – it was just so beautiful and perfect. I don’t think anyone expected her to be THAT good, but the crowd gasped when she sang. I felt so proud to be her friend and to show everyone how incredible she is. We then changed rings, kissed and signed the papers. I was already confused what my name was but luckily I got some help and managed to sign it with no further confusion… It was official – we were married. What an incredible feeling.

On the way out we got Prosecco and I wish I could just turn back time to that moment. Andrea stood there waiting for us with the biggest smile, and I felt nothing but happiness. We walked out of the marquee where people gave us lots of hugs, kisses and laughter. I actually don´t think that was part of the Georgina’s plan, as we had to throw the confetti before the rain started. The confetti and the rain held off, and we managed to speak to every single guest before we walked out into confetti heaven <3 My hair was covered but I could not of cared in the slightest.

My friend Kayleigh was a star, bringing Mumford to the venue. I was so excited to see him, and him us, and we were only inches away from very mucky paws making my wedding dress very mucky 😉 We took some lovely photos with our family, my Maid of Honor and Howie´s Best Men. The weather forecast said it would rain the whole day, but it held off long enough for us to get some lovely photo´s, before we could go back in and mingle. Howie and I just looked at each other and said something like; see you at dinner at 4pm Haha! So I finally got to see and speak with all my friends which was just so very nice. I will never ever experience this again – to have everyone you care about in the same garden. Bah, makes it so sad to think about, but I am so lucky to know them.

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We are going to Vietnam

September 5, 2018

The most difficult thing with the whole wedding malarky was deciding on our honeymoon. I think we have “been to” New York, Jamaica, all around Europe, Maldives, Seychelles, Bali, Cambodia, and of course – Vietnam. We wanted five things: Go somewhere completely new, eat lovely food, feel the culture, lie on the beach and travel around. Which meant most of the countries above were a no-no…. They ticked most of the boxes but Vietnam ticked all five of them.

Howie, Mumford and myself will drive to Colchester for Christmas and leave just a few days later. Here is our plan so far (which can (will) change).

1st Destination – Hanoi

We fly out of Heathrow early December 27th – arriving in Hanoi after an 13 hour long flight. We are staying here one night, and exploring this amazing capital. The traffic here is a must see, which after all, is hard to miss. Although I am confident driver I will leave my drivers license at home and walk a few metres instead.

2nd Destination – Halong Bay

After staying in Hanoi for one night only we will drive to Halong Bay for a 2 night on a cruise. Our cabin has its own balcony and the view will be nothing but breath taking. This is what a think of when I hear Vietnam and I can not wait to be there in person. Is there anything more beautiful?

3rd destination – Hoi An

It’s time to head south and we are aiming for Hoi An, a city on the coast, in the middle of Vietnam. This city is a world heritage site, with beautiful architecture and canals. During the full moon there are light lanterns floating on the river, which we will miss completely as its nearly new moon whilst we are there. But the city is colourful and vibrant and is a must see, according to our friends who have been all over Vietnam. Hoi An has no airport or train station, but we will somehow manage to get there after flying in to Da Nang.

4th destination – Phu Quoc

We have been talking for hours whether or not to go to Cambodia to see the temples at Angkor, but have eventually decided to give it a miss this time around. That was not an easy decision to make, as they are meant to be spectacular, and everyone has recommended we go, however, it means even more traveling and flying, which we are already doing heaps of. We decided to spend less time at airports and more time on the beach. Cambodia will be there forever, meaning we have to go there another time – what a shame. Out trip ends in Phu Quoc where we will stay for 8 days, hopefully in a bungalow, where chill time is on the menu. I have never heard of this place before we booked it, but it looks like i will get a piece of the Maldives after all, just look how beautiful it is.

I am 100% confident we have chosen the right destination for us. We get to explore city life, travel and relax on the beach – all within the 16 days we are away. A part of me was upset we didn’t go straight after the wedding, but we do have something to look forward to now.

Life with Rebel

Riding lesson with Ailsa

September 4, 2018

I have not had a lesson with Ailsa since 2015, mainly because she is so difficult to get. She teaches at Muirmill and Morris but during working hours. So with my lack of leave (or the skillset of using it all up) I can’t afford to take days off for riding lessons. So I have spent the last 3 years envious of my friends who actually can. BUT… then we have Jackie, one of the liveries at my yard, who’s had lessons with Ailsa since forever. Yesterday, she kindly agreed to come to our yard in the evening, so that we could have a lesson after work.

Rebel is a funny horse. He’s probably the most difficult horse I have ever ridden in my whole entire life, and does not give you a stride for free. Some days it is so frustrating you want to pull your teeth out, other days I have patience to the moon and back, and we do eventually get there in the end. Apparently, it is all on his terms, and he is hesitating before he actually understands the questions I am asking. Yesterday we worked on leg yields and getting him to move away from my leg – which eventually worked… If I go back one year I can remember Rebel not listening to my legs one bit, he only went faster – which is very disobedient. To get some nice work using only my legs was such a treat. I took loads from the lesson and will practice later this week.


Riding to the ceremony

September 2, 2018

Ida and I were ready before 1pm, and I knew Rebel would arrive soon. We made sure everything was sorted and it was time to go. There is a beautiful spiral staircase on the way down and we agreed to take some photos there before heading out. All on time, all planned. I was walking down, Ida was waiting for me at the top. I looked out of the window and could see Chelsea´s horse box pulling up. I started crying. It was so special for me at that moment. I waved at Nikki and Chelsea, who could see me from the outside. Rebel walked out, looking absolutely stunning. My very good friend Louise spent hours in the morning plaiting him up and he looked like a million dollars – just so handsome.

I honestly have the best friends, who have helped me out like there was no tomorrow. He was all ready for the big day and I knew this was going to be very very special. I had this idea months ago, but never told a single person apart from Howie. Andrea at Hillhouse, who was so supportive and accommodating for all our ideas, also thought it sounded brilliant, so we had the green light- I was going to ride down the gravel path to the marquee – for everyone to see. Just the entrance I have been dreaming about since forever. On a horse, that has made my life in Scotland ten times better.

This boy just does not know how important he is to me. It was time to shine – for both of us.

Here we are waiting for everyone to take their seats. Ida was walking in first, just when Una Mattina by Ludovico Einaudi started playing. I waited patiently for my turn, 50 seconds into the song. I really had to listen carefully as I could barely hear it from where I was standing, and it was SO difficult not to ride in earlier. I felt like I waited for minutes. When I eventually rode in I was certain everyone knew I was riding, as I took forever, and Rebel could not stand still for a second. But believe you me, the reaction I got was out of this world. You had to be there to understand and I will remember that moment for as long as I am alive. The whole marquee nearly lifted and people where screaming and shouting out loud. Rebel did not put a foot wrong, walking down like a true gentleman ♥

I always thought I would jump off straight away, but after hearing the crowd I decided to stay on him a little bit longer. Georgina took some lovely photos and it was all very special. I was so nervous how I would dismount him with my dress and high heels, as I never got to practice for obvious reasons, but I managed to do it fairly gracefully and landed on both feet. What a result, what a moment.

I honestly need to dedicate this post to Chelsea, Nikki and Louise for making this happen. Thank you so much for all your help.

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Laurens´ Hen Do

September 2, 2018

Our beloved Lauren are getting married in Santorini in September, and yesterday was her hen do. We all took the train from Prestwick around midday, heading to Hummingbird in Glasgow for a Cocktail Masterclass.

The location was lovely and we had our own room with our own bartender. We made a few cocktails ourselves before we passed on the shakers to someone who knew what they were doing 🙂

We sat there for hours, playing games and getting to know new people who are going to the wedding. We later headed out to Wagamama for dinner and more beer, before we ended the night in the champagne bar at Glasgow Central.

It was a lovely night but we didn´t stay out very late. I woke up fairly early this morning and just getting my stuff together to head to the yard,  then out for lunch/dinner with the girls again tonight. But before all that we serious need to book our honeymoon…


Before the guests arrived

August 31, 2018

Our wedding weekend started on Friday night with a meal at Highgrove House Hotel. Most of our guests arrived today and I wanted everyone to meet and have a nice time while they were all in the country. I didn’t take any photos this evening, but we had a lovely meal with great wine. Most of our friends and family went home early. Ida, my Maid of Honour, and I stayed together whilst Howie went home to be there to walk Mumford in the morning.

Ida and I had a lovely time together that evening. I was a little nervous I wouldn’t be able to sleep at all, so I was relieved when I felt tired. I fell asleep around midnight.

A few hours later I woke up thinking I was going to be sick. And truth be told, I was. Twice.

I honestly was so ill, thinking I would never feel normal for my wedding day. It was just awful, like the worst hangover I have ever had. Luckily, Ida never woke up and I managed to go back to sleep for a few hours.

My morning started at 6 am – looking out the window to see the rain pouring down. I remember feeling sad. Nothing but sad. I wanted to cancel all of the plans and move the wedding to the following week. Now, that was never going to happen, so I sort of pulled myself together, and my amazing team turned up at 7am to give us all a makeover. I gathered the troops for hair and makeup, while Ida and myself ran downstairs for a full body massage. I think Ida enjoyed it more than me, as I could only focus on the rain, worrying if my guests would be cold.

Our florist Abbie was working around the clock to make sure all of the flowers were on point, starting to decorate the marquee on Friday evening. I had sent her all of my crazy ideas on a PDF – the rest was up to her. Not once did we ever look at the progress, any photos of the tables, or the bouquet, so when I saw it on the Saturday morning I welled up. It was just so colourful, wild and stunning. Everything I had wanted, and more.

My idea was always to have one specific kind of flower on each table, instead of numbers, and for us to represent all the tables by having the flowers mixed at the top table, and in my bouquet. Hence why I never got to see it before the big day – no one actually knew how anything would look, but we really liked Abbie, and had all faith in her ♥

My hairdo was created by my hairdresser Katie from Rootz in Stewarton. She brought her colleague and together they managed to plait my beautiful headpiece into my hair. It was all hands on deck, as this could not have been done by one person alone. At this point I was eating my full English/Scottish breakfast, but tried not to move too much as you could almost feel the concentration in the room. It was very magical. Although, I was a little bit hungry.

My hairdressers and makeup artist finished before midday, giving us enough time to relax and enjoy what was about to happen. Georgina had finished taking photos of Howie and his best men, and was now in the room with me. That was probably the only time throughout the whole day where I did nothing. We just spoke like friends and the more time I spent with her, the more I liked her. I didn’t actually book Georgina, but when my original photographer had a very unfortunate accident, she recommended her to take her place. So I guess it was meant to be. She travelled all the way from York for us, and was willing to take photos of the animals and never thought of the rain as an issue – which really helped my mood.


I can now hear the guests arriving. I am getting more nervous by the minute but can´t contain my temptation to look outside the window. I tried to hide, just in case Howie (or anyone else) would see me.

It was then time to get into my dress, which was a puzzle in itself. I was told I needed help, to keep my hairdo intact, but this girl never listens. I was in my dress before anyone knew and got stuck. Ida told me off while helping me crawl through and I was finally in. Phew, no damage just yet. The dress is from Unbridal Boutique in Ayr and it was love at first sight. I loved the pearls, pattern, laces, the open neck and the straps around the shoulders. I however, demanded I was a size 10 when Emily ordered it, and it was a little bit too big when it arrived. Tailoring it turned out to be more difficult than first expected, as it had no back or arms, but Elizabeth Wallace in Kilmarnock worked her magic to make it fit. I did lose a little bit more weight which didn’t help the matter, but with a bit of ‘fillers’, it looked lovely.

Georgina took a few photos in the dressing room, and I have to admit, I loved all the photos. It was pretty much raining the whole morning and the weather looked so dull, but the lighting in the photos are just wow. All the space, the light, the furniture and the dress…

It is still raining. A part of me is so upset because of the weather and the other half can´t contain her excitement. This will be the biggest day of my life and I have no idea how it will turn out. So many questions, so many butterflies. But they are all waiting for me now. Me and Rebel. They just don’t know about Rebel yet.

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Life with Rebel

Castle View Stables

August 29, 2018

I want to show everyone where I spend x-amount of hours every single day: Castle View Stables ♥

Stephanie bought the house over a year ago, and it came with 5 acres of land and two sheds. One have turned into 4 large stables and the other shed is where we keep all the feed and some tack. We have so much space and the horses are out in the field from 8 in the morning until we bring them in to ride. They all love it here and the we think muddy horses equals happy horses. Although not always ideal when you need to clean them all the time but it´s so worth it.

She has also made a 35 x 45 arena where we can play. It´s such a treat to have such a great school to ride in and it wont freeze over in the winter, and new lights came up the other day. I think we are all set for colder and darker nights, although I wish the summer could last a lot longer.

We put a few jumps up this evening and it was so much fun. Rebel is getting more obedient to my legs, but sometimes he just wants to run very very fast – which was today. He is very difficult to ride as he does not stay in the same rhythm so seeing ´the stride´can be very difficult. But altogether a great session, both horse and rider was very happy.

I don´t compete until after Santorini, but thinking about joining British Showjumping over the winter. I need my fix and if it´s not eventing, it will be showjumping 😉

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Life with Rebel

Poor Rebel

August 29, 2018

My luck with Rebel is about to run out. After coming back from arthritis last October and a very ugly trailer accident in May, he managed to nearly pull a shoe the other day. Now that’s no news to me, as I have my farrier out every 3 weeks for that reason. But this time his front clip went IN his hoof wall and I couldn’t do anything about it. The shoes was so loose but I didn’t dear pull it off incase half of his feet came with it. It was just awful and I nearly cried, texting my farrier, who came after one hour – on a S.u.n.d.a.y.

I was told Rebel was a very lucky boy, but since his feet looks like buscuits, the nails have to be put in so much higher than normal, which made him lame last time… This hoof malarkey never ends. I give him all the nutrition necessary, including added Biotin, with no luck. I don’t think he can hack much more, apart from the beach, but this just needs to get better.

The only other option left is to glue his shoes on, but the glue doesn’t like water so I’m kinda live in the wrong country. And it extortionate, which is no surprise as Rebel cost more the keep than what I paid for him.


Tough Mudder 2018

August 28, 2018

Earlier this year, Christine´s best friend Victoria, died at Manchester airport for consuming palm oil. It was a horrible time for Christine, but also for us at See Saw when there was nothing we could do. Victoria had a charity close to heart, which was Children of the Mountain – who´s helping all children in the district of Ghorka in Nepal to access education. So when we were doing our annual charity run, it was not a difficult question who we wanted to support.

We all aimed at raising £100 each, making a total of £500. Maurice had to pull out for medical reasons, but the four left standing did an remarkably good job. The course was set in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh, where we ran for 5 km, tackling 10 obsticals along the way. The view was amazing but it was hard work and I soon realised I´m not in the shape I used to be.

Mumford and Howie came to support us, which made the trip so much better. Not only because he drove, but it was awesome giving him a high five and a hug after finishing.

I would actually do this again, with mud next time. It was a bit of a let down that we stayed dry the whole way through, but lesson learned. It was a very good day out for team See Saw, and I managed to raise a whopping £130 from my friends and family. Thank you all so so much.