She means business

November 3, 2014

Paper purse

Good Monday all, I hope you had a good start to the new week. I´ve been working on my portfolio and went shopping for groceries. Not very exciting, but you need those days every now and then, to have really great days.
Howie got my permission to play COD and I’ve turned the heating up, made my self a cup of tea and working out a new stencil for my purses. I also treated my self to two new ones, in addition to the three I already use 🙂 I´m also doing tons of research, so I can find better deals on all the extra accessories. Obviously it makes sense to buy large quantities, I just have to find the best deal, and not spend a fortune on shipping.


To see all my bags, please follow this link


I am back in work tomorrow and that feels more than OK. I love being at home, and doing stuff like this. Just not three days in a row 😉 It´s a weird feeling not using “your potential.” Sometimes I shower to rinse off the laziness, then force myself outside just for a walk. How people (who are not ill) can spend days inside not doing anything, is beyond my way of thinking… I love working, love having plans and I love doing stuff

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