Vietnam: Phu Quoc

January 31, 2019

My Vietnam blog posts are coming to an end, and it will all be a blurry memory soon. We loved this holiday so much and Phu Quoc was the place I was most looking forward to see. All the photos looked ace and the weather forecast said 30 ++ degrees. After wearing 4 layers and a scarf prior to this, I was buzzing to spend our last 9 night on this island.

Sadly, the island itself was very disappointing. It was so much rubbish everywhere and just one big main road with small shops dotted around. It really didn’t have a town as such, and it was all a bit of a let down. Luckily our hotels, Green Bay and Dusit Princess were just top notch, and we ended up eating there every night. I know I know, you just never do that, but I refused to hire a scooter so we couldn’t really get anywhere.

Green Bay Resort was our home for the first 5 nights, and with an upgrade (!) it was the most impressive room/hotel ever. We were literally on the beach, in a private bungalow, with showers both inside and outside, an outside bathtub and a view to die for.

The pool was 2 minutes away, so when our feet got sandy, we knew where to go 🙂

We had Pho and Crème brûlée for breakfast, before we grabbed a sunbed each and stayed out for hours, reading books and learning Norwegian. Howie really got the hang of it after a few days, but we haven’t practiced since… Why is everything so much easier when you’re away on holiday?

Our second plaza (can I call it that?) was Dusit Princess, a hotel nearer to “town”. It was very different to the quiet Green Bay but nevertheless great. It had more people, a pool bar, loads of beach bars and more restaurants. It was great and just what we needed after being in the jungle for several nights.

Now, that was the end of our lovely fairytale and honeymoon. It was well worth the wait and I´m glad I got to see so much of Vietnam. I wished we could have visited Hoi Chi Min and Sapa as well, but 14 days were just too short for that <3 I

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