Life with Rebel

Poor Rebel

August 29, 2018

My luck with Rebel is about to run out. After coming back from arthritis last October and a very ugly trailer accident in May, he managed to nearly pull a shoe the other day. Now that’s no news to me, as I have my farrier out every 3 weeks for that reason. But this time his front clip went IN his hoof wall and I couldn’t do anything about it. The shoes was so loose but I didn’t dear pull it off incase half of his feet came with it. It was just awful and I nearly cried, texting my farrier, who came after one hour – on a S.u.n.d.a.y.

I was told Rebel was a very lucky boy, but since his feet looks like buscuits, the nails have to be put in so much higher than normal, which made him lame last time… This hoof malarkey never ends. I give him all the nutrition necessary, including added Biotin, with no luck. I don’t think he can hack much more, apart from the beach, but this just needs to get better.

The only other option left is to glue his shoes on, but the glue doesn’t like water so I’m kinda live in the wrong country. And it extortionate, which is no surprise as Rebel cost more the keep than what I paid for him.

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