Life with Rebel

Practicing Dressage

August 25, 2018

The days are ´finally´getting back to normal and I feel I have a little bit more energy every day. I slept in both Wednesday and Thursday but still managed to get to work on time  – mainly because of my decent driving skills. However, sleeping for what seems to be a lifetime never sorted me out and I was still knackered after work. Yesterday I cancelled my whole agenda and left Rebel in the field for another day as I could not face spending hours at the yard. Now, this is unheard of but trust me, I was so tired and hungry I just wanted to lie on my sofa and eat junk. I´m not tired very often, less than most people, so when I AM tired, I do nothing until I get my energy back, which was today 😀 After work I went home and sorted the house out, after our wine-rack-shelf-thing got delivered, then tidied up draws and threw away stuff I will most likely never every use again.

Howie and I then went to the yard where he sat out jumps for me, and I rode while chatted to Kevin, Stephanie and Kayleigh about the weekend. Rebel was being a pain in the arse, to be perfectly honest, but he is always like that after some time off. I was very strict with him early on, and we nearly fell out a few times before he gave in and went absolutely beautiful. His trot was to die for.

I can only excuse the hideous quality of these images, but this is zoom for you. When the new iPhone comes out next month I´m hoping the X can drop down in price, – that would be all apple x


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