May 7, 2014

I have now left my little work space in the apartment and have traded it in for some office space at QCMD and Qnostics. I got the job in April and I am f-i-n-a-l-l-y working full-time as a graphic designer.


The blog will be about me mostly, and my time in Glasgow. I try every day to feel settled down even though I’m away from friends and family. Maybe this blog will help make it a little easier? So here comes a blog that will be honest, hopefully nice and sometimes difficult…..I guess I have a desire to face the hard truths.
Some days I was proud of myself and everything that I’d done and achieved and everything was easy, and other days it was a struggle to motivate myself to wear make up or create a breakfast that took more than 30 seconds to prepare. Now that I have a job things have changed. Now I MUST get up in the morning and I MUST report to work for 09:00am. I need to because I am needed there, it is a good feeling. It`s a feeling that makes the pain of an early start and the scramble around the kitchen to make a good breakfast worthwhile…



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