Life with Rebel

Riding lesson with Ailsa

September 4, 2018

I have not had a lesson with Ailsa since 2015, mainly because she is so difficult to get. She teaches at Muirmill and Morris but during working hours. So with my lack of leave (or the skillset of using it all up) I can’t afford to take days off for riding lessons. So I have spent the last 3 years envious of my friends who actually can. BUT… then we have Jackie, one of the liveries at my yard, who’s had lessons with Ailsa since forever. Yesterday, she kindly agreed to come to our yard in the evening, so that we could have a lesson after work.

Rebel is a funny horse. He’s probably the most difficult horse I have ever ridden in my whole entire life, and does not give you a stride for free. Some days it is so frustrating you want to pull your teeth out, other days I have patience to the moon and back, and we do eventually get there in the end. Apparently, it is all on his terms, and he is hesitating before he actually understands the questions I am asking. Yesterday we worked on leg yields and getting him to move away from my leg – which eventually worked… If I go back one year I can remember Rebel not listening to my legs one bit, he only went faster – which is very disobedient. To get some nice work using only my legs was such a treat. I took loads from the lesson and will practice later this week.

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