September 26, 2018

What a week
What a holiday
What a wedding

We are so lucky to know someone who wanted to get married in Santorini. I have never been before, and it´s been years since I was in Greece. I have missed the food, weather and its beauty. I was not disappointed with this breathtaking small island. Every hotel, house and resort has been built into or onto cliffs, offering the most amazing views. They say this is a place you need to see, and I second that.

We stayed at Ampelonas Apartment in Imerovigli. From there it was only a 30 minute walk to the Capital Fira, and a two hour walk to Oia – both places are a must see. Fira is so vibrant and colourful while Oia is very high end. We walked to Oia twice, the second time during sunset, and it was just so beautiful.

But let´s not get carried away with these photos. The reason for us all being there was of course the wedding of Lauren and Jacob, who must have put their heart and soul into this very special wedding day. The ceremony was held at a vineyard, on a cliff top, with the most amazing panorama’s, whilst the reception/party was at a secluded private beach bar. It was all so very very cool.

I was dancing until the bus driver literally had to pick me up from the dance floor. Any song – no rhythm kind of night. I just never wanted it to end and thought I was God’s gift to dancing. I woke up the next day with a very sore head and a bit of regret for all my moves. But dancing queen over here just can´t sit still…

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