Sunday morning with no plans

August 26, 2018

Today is the first day I have zero morning plans. Apart from meeting the girls for lunch at 12 and seeing Rebel later today, I have nothing on the agenda. The house is clean and everything is fairly tidy. What an absolute treat. Howie is currently still in bed (!) while I´m sitting in the sofa with Mumford watching Event Riders Masters from Blair in Scotland, feeling sad that the event season is nearly over. I only have one competition left in September, until it kicks off again in April. We went to Blair last year, as spectators that was, but this year I´m watching it in my PJ while sipping coffee. Howie just faced timed, asking for a cup of tea in bed… He can seriously stay in bed for so much longer than me. If I wake up I can´t go back to sleep… So what´s better than getting up early, to a tidy house and the best dog in the world.

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