Life with Rebel

The Arena Event at Muirmill

September 26, 2015

Such a fab day at Muirmill, where the dressage didn’t go as well as planned.Rebel was really tense but I got away with 58%, which I thought was really nice. We had a pole down in the showjumping and a few errors in the cross country.  Didn’t collect any rosettes today but I had such a great day. I couldn’t stop smiling while I was riding on the grass, even when I had no control

Hannah, Howards sister, came up yesterday as well, and because of her allergy she has never really been close to an animal. Until she met Mumford <3 They are now bffs and all of them watched me ride today. Its so cool to bring friends and family up here so they can see what this is all about. She had to stay away from the horses, but took so many great shots I can use on my blog.

IMG_1520 copy

OLYMPUS Hannah and Mumford<3

IMG_1560 copy


Team Rebel looking smart, at least

Brushing Rebel on the way to the dressage arena….. whoopsie

IMG_1580 copyReady for jumping

IMG_1591 copy

IMG_1590 copy

IMG_1593 copy

IMG_1589 copy

IMG_1594 copy
Happy happy

IMG_1595 copy

IMG_1598 copy
Absolutely exhausted after keeping up with this thoroughbred…

So we have now planted our paws on the table, with a decent thai take-away. Can´t beat it. Oh yes you can, if England had won the rugby…..whoops an annoyed Howie!

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