Life with Rebel

The best ride to date

October 15, 2018

Boom – there it was. Everything I have worked for since God knows when, fell into place today. It was amazing and I fist-pumped when we finished. Sincerely relieved, just so happy.

It was on my terms today and not Rebels. I tried to remember everything from my previous lesson on Wednesday and duplicated it as best as I could.

Sit up, keep him forward but don´t rush, hands quiet, stay patient when he resists, release pressure when he submits.

Over and over and over. Until he gave up and was soft as rubber, in an outline, working from behind. I could push him forward, take him back and even change reins. I could have riden forever but stopped whilst the going was still good. I gave him the biggest pat and loads of carrots. He actually gave up today and I was riding a different horse. I made it happened, all by myself at home.

Now if you excuse me, I have a few dressage competitions to enter. Maybe I will call Hester just for the banter as well.

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