The last guests

August 23, 2018

We were surrounded by people from Monday before the wedding until the Tuesday after. The house was always full of people and we used both the lounge and the office as bedrooms, having 8 people in total at the most. My brother Martin and his girlfriend Stine arrived on Friday night and we wanted them to stay a few days after the others.

Monday turned out to be such a lovely day, having Howie’s family and the children up at the yard saying hello to Rebel. He behaved impeccable, not a foot was put wrong, and all the kids had a sit on him. I think I made their year by doing so and their faces lit up. Not long after I took Stine and Martin up to have another ride (Rebel must have wondered what hit him), but again – not a foot was put wrong. Stine has ridden all her life but sold her last horse a few years ago, and I think she thoroughly enjoyed being back in the saddle. Martin was just a tad scared and felt very comfy on the top of the fence 😅

Rebel is not the easiest of the horses, but he impressed all of us. So calm and happy with everything going on, so I felt he deserved a day off after being a little super hero.

The happy couple (Stine and Martin) was happy to stay at home while the Shelley’s went out for dinner. We ended up at Scotts and it was so nice to have a last catch up before they were going back the next day. The food was lovely as it always is and made the weekend feel like a week. We have been surrounded with so much attention the last few days so it felt really quiet when everyone left. Quiet but nice I would say. It’s so weird but nice to be married, Howie is mine forever now.

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