The most generous people

August 24, 2018

All the cards are now open and left Howie speechless and me in tears. I actually bawled my eyes out reading all the lovely words and poems and how generous our friend and family all were. I just sat on my kitchen island crying, saying “it’s just nuts”, opening one card after another. It didn’t help I had one glass of white wine and listened to the song I rode down the aisle to. Very emotional.

We have been saving up a lot for the wedding, and I have literally walked around the house thinking about new furniture for months. Yesterday we decided to buy a console table for the dining room and move the current one into the hallway. The new table have a wine rack for 40 bottles – which seems very fitting for our garage 😂

So things are moving around slowly and I will take photos of the new table when it arrives tomorrow. Then I’m thinking about buying a new plant pot but I don’t want to push the boat out either, as I need to keep stingy-pants Howie happy for as long as possible. But how adorable would a golden plant pot be in the corner in the hallway? I may have to sacrifice a few hours of peace just to get one.

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