Life with Rebel

Troon beach at sunset

September 29, 2018


I love living in Troon on days like these. The sun is shining, it’s a little cold but so beautiful. We took both pets to the beach a few days ago and got some great photos. Howie is really getting the hang of the camera which makes blogging ten times more fun. As long as I have good photos (and a few minutes to spare) I can always keep you updated. I really enjoy writing and sharing my life and photos so blogging is kind of an easy fix for me.

I had the best news yesterday. The vet came out to Rebel to check if he needed more steroids for his arthritis. She didn’t think it was necessary at the moment which was the best news ever!! That´s us nearly a year without any treatments and the longer we wait the better it is! If someone told me this last year I would never believed it – it all looked so bad. To the point where we didn’t know if he could ever come back to work. And here we are: A sound horse and a happy owner.

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