Life with Rebel

Tuesday October 13

October 13, 2015

Do you ever wait for a moment where time stands still and you can finally sort your life out? Because if you do, I´m here to tell you it´s all lies. I´ve been waiting for that moment for donkeys years, but I still have x unopened emails, my Facebook icon is red and I have a to do list I just keep adding on to. It´s getting to the point its a little bit depressing, which is the reason I´ve chosen to take a random day off work to
I honestly need to finish off some websites before I start a new one and I this lovely new portfolio of mine? Yeah it needs a final touch too!

So after feeling sorry for myself, I want to talk about something that makes me really happy… – horses! Last weekend was a busy weekend for me and Rebel, jumping BS cat 1 on Saturday followed by team jumping on Sunday. I have one goal for next year (no that´s a lie) but one of the goals is to qualify for the Dodson & Horrell National Amateur Championships in November 2016. It´s “only” 85 cm so you probably think it should be piece of cake, but me and Rebel have never jumped 85cm clear… AND YOU NEED 4 (!!) rounds to go through to the second round.. That´s why I was absolutely gutted when Rebman stopped at fence no. 4 this Saturday. I was gutted because it was my fault for not riding at all, I can´t even remember thinking about anything, so when the fence appeared out of nowhere we had a very bad stride in…. Then I decided to brave it and do 90 cm, where we ended up with only one pole down. I was so happy with him AND ME for riding well into each jump (I´m allowed to say that right,) and I´ve should have done that in the 85 as well.

Sunday was team jumping at Muirmill, where Rebel did 50 cm and 55 cm with Nikki followed by 85 and 90 with me. Fair to say he was absolutely cream crack knackered and had no umph left. Last round ended with 2 stops and 2 poles down, which is the worst round yet. He was fab with Nikki though, although It was painful to watch because he is so bloody fast – nearly gave me a heart attack.

I have uploaded the round from Saturday, just have to keep thinking how far we have come in 6 months. In April I was happy with 3 poles down in 70 cm <3

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