Vietnam: Hoi An

January 26, 2019

I changed my mind regarding these honeymoon blog posts, and will now dedicate this post to Hoi An alone. I transferred all the photos yesterday and didn’t realise how many there were… Whoops..

After another night in Hanoi we flew to Danang and drove 45 minutes to Hoi An. It was getting a bit dark when we arrived at so we quickly checked in and walked out to find somewhere to eat. The receptionist gave us a map with loads of recommendations but we got completely lost finding the one we were after. We stopped at a place along the way where we saw a few locals, decided to trust them and sat down. The food was delicious and with a beer each we truly felt more at home. It felt so quiet compared to Hanoi and the temperature was a lot warmer.

We walked further and saw a few lanterns in one of the streets. We had reached the famous old town and it was sooo pretty

I have seen a few cities, lived in 5 countries and thought I knew what to expect, but it was even nicer than the photos make out. The old town is closed to all car traffic making it pedestrian friendly, and every shop has hanging lanterns outside, with many different colours being displayed, giving the streets a real wow factor as soon as you set foot into the ancient trading hub. The canal was filled with wooden boats and we took a short trip on our first night. I felt extremely happy and couldn’t get enough of it.

And so it continues. We ate for a whole football team, drank beer and so much coffee that I couldn’t sleep. I had a manicure, pedicure, massages and face peeling. We both bought tailored outfits and wished we could stay there for much longer.

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